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Everyone can be a researcher. Weekly tips on how to beat perfectionism, manage your knowledge, and create your original contribution.

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How to deal with unreasonable expectations (when your 'best' is not 'good enough')?

Hello Reader, How many times have you felt your best was ‘not good enough’? I hope you have said ‘never’, in which case I love you and see you in the next Playbook! 😃 Otherwise, keep reading. In today’s playbook we will analyse two realistic ways to eliminate this feeling of ‘not good enough’. Let's check it out. My best is not good enough’ This is a thought that may be imposed by others, or it may come naturally when we have tried something multiple times and it hasn’t had the result we...
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4 months ago • 2 min read

How to access research papers for free (without breaking the law).

Hello Reader, Studying research publications speeds up any research process. It allows us to work at the edge of available knowledge instead of having to "reinvent the wheel" all by ourselves. But there is one problem... Access. If you are not in academia, you may have already faced too many paywalls. Something like $20 or $30 to get access to a single paper. Now imagine the cost for 100s of papers, some of which you later realised were not even the papers you were looking for (i.e. you were...
5 months ago • 2 min read

Does your Idea Management system help you avoid perfectionism?

Hi Reader, Do you believe in perfection? I don’t believe perfection exists or could ever be achieved. So I was really surprised when, back in 2014, the counsellor handed me a form and I hit a high score for perfectionism. Not only that, but a high score for Maladaptive Perfectionism. In practice it meant: Not starting a task if I was not sure the result would achieve a high standard. Not delivering what was promised because it is still "not good enough". Overthinking the work (read, think and...
8 months ago • 2 min read

How to find your references in 1-click?

Hello Reader, I have an important question for you: How many hours have you wasted looking for a source that YOU KNOW you have read before? If you have been doing research for a little while I can safely say: DAYS. I am not exaggerating. According to a study made by Choueiry on more than 90 thousand papers in the Medical Sciences, 90% of the research papers have anywhere between 8 and 102 references, with the typical amount around 39 references per paper. So If you take 20 minutes looking for...
8 months ago • 1 min read

Playbook: When to highlight your sources (and when not to).

Hello Reader, Highlighting is the art of calling attention to a piece of text within a large document. How often do you highlight? When I was in high school, I thought the right way to process any source was to highlight the important parts to check it again when the date of the exam arrives. In University it was pretty much the same.. until I started doing research. Highlighting felt good as I have a visual cue of how much I have read. I also knew that there were important parts marked in...
10 months ago • 2 min read
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